Kasur District

Kasur entrance

Kasur District is situated in Punjab Province of Pakistan. It came into existence on 1 July 1976 and prior to this, it was a Tehsil of Lahore District. It lies on Pakistan India border, bounded on the North by LahoreDistrict, on East by India, on northwest by Nankana Sahib, and in its southwest, Okara is located. Its area is 3995 km2 and literacy rate1 is 60.7 percent. Literacy rate of males is 67.5 percent while literacy rate among females is 53.4 percent.

Kasur is the capital city of the district which is located at a distance of 50 kilometers from Lahore. It boasts a storied past, dating back to ancient times. The city is believed to have been founded by Rajput rulers and later became an important center during the Mughal era. The historical significance of city is evident in its architecture, with remnants of Mughal influence scattered throughout.

ضلع قصور پاکستان کے صوبہ پنجاب کے لاہور ڈویژن میں واقع ہے۔ یہ یکم جولائی 1976 کو وجود میں آیا اور اس سے پہلے یہ ضلع لاہور کی ایک تحصیل تھی۔ یہ پاک بھارت سرحد پر واقع ہے۔ اس کے شمال میں لاہور، مشرق میں ہندوستان، شمال مغرب میں ضلع ننکانہ صاحب اور جنوب مغرب میں ضلع اوکاڑہ واقع ہے۔ اس کا رقبہ 3995 مربع کلومیٹر ہے۔ ضلع کی شرح خواندگی 60.7 فیصد ہے۔ مردوں کی شرح خواندگی 67.5 فیصد ہے جبکہ خواتین کی شرح خواندگی 53.4 فیصد ہے۔

ضلع قصور کا صدر مقام قصور شہر ہے جو لاہور سے 50 کلومیٹر کے فاصلے پر واقع ہے تاہم جنوبی جانب سے لاہور کا داخلی راستہ یعنی گجو متہ قصور شہر سے تقریباً 31 کلومیٹر دور ہے۔یہ ایک قدیم شہر ہے اس شہر کے بارے میں خیال کیا جاتا ہے کہ اس کی بنیاد راجپوت حکمرانوں نے رکھی تھی اور بعد میں مغل دور میں ایک اہم مرکز بن گیا۔ قصور کی تاریخی اہمیت اس کے فن تعمیر سے عیاں ہے، مغلیہ ثقافت کی باقیات ضلع بھر میں بکھری ہوئی ہیں۔

Population Of Kasur District: ضلع قصور کی آبادی

As per 2023 census, its population2 is 4084286 (4.08 Million). Number of households is 645,838, while average household size is 6.32.

Tehsils Of Kasur District: ضلع قصور کی تحصیلیں

District Kasur has been divided into four tehsils:

  1. Tehsil Kasur
  2. Tehsil Pattoki
  3. Tehsil Chunian
  4. Tehsil Kot Radha Kishan

Union Councils: ضلع قصور کی یونین کونسلز

There are 125 union councils (UC) in Qasur. Following is the Tehsil wise number of Union councils:

  1. Kasur: 40
  2. Pattoki: 36
  3. Chunian: 35
  4. Kot Radha Kishan: 14

Places Of Interest: سیاحتی مقامات

Qasur is a treasure trove of historical and cultural landmarks that attract tourists from far and wide. Following are the main tourist attractions:

  • Shrine of Baba Bulleh Shah بابا بلھے شاہ کا مزار
  • Tomb of Baba Kamal Chishti بابا کمال چشتی کا مقبرہ
  • Museum قصور میوزیم
  • Railway station قصور ریلوے اسٹیشن
  • Ganda Singh Wala Border گنڈا سنگھ والا بارڈر
  • Changa Manga forest چھانگا مانگا کا جنگل
  • Balloki headworks بلوکی ہیڈ ورکس
  • Gurdwara Hardo sahari گوردوارہ ہردو سہاری

Prominent Figures: نمایاں شخصیات

  • Baba Bulleh Shah, Punjabi language poet
  • Noor Jehan, singer and actress
  • Khurshid Mehmood Kasuri, Ex Foreign Minister
  • Sardar Asif Ahmad Ali, Ex Foreign Minister
  • Rana Muhammad Iqbal, Ex Speaker Punjab Assembly
  • Sardar Muhammad Arif Nakai, Ex Chief Minister Punjab
  • Malik Muhammad Ali Khan, former Deputy chairman senate
  • Malik Muhammad Ahmad Khan, Former federal minister

Kasur Postal Code:

Postal code or post code is a combination of letters or digits or both which identifies a geographic location/address and is used for the purpose of delivery of mail/post to different areas. Below is the list of postal codes3 of different areas of Kasur district:

Kasur GPO55050
Chhanga Manga55200
Clark Abad55190
Ellah Abad55230
Ganda Singh Wala55100
Jamber kalan55250
Bhai Pheru 55260
Khudian Khas55030
Kot RadhaKishan55180
Mustafa Abad55110
Naseer Abad Textile mills55060
Raja Jang55140
Rubi Textile Mill Ksr55170

National & Provincial Assembly seats of Kasur District:

As per 2023 final delimitation notification issued by Election commission of Pakistan, this district has been allocated 04 National assembly seats and 10 Provincial assembly seats. In 2018 general elections, 9 Provincial assembly seats were allocated to it. Names of constituencies have also been changed in 2023 delimitation. Following are the names of National and Provincial assembly constituencies are per 2023 delimitation

National Assembly4

  • NA-131 (I)
  • NA-132 (II)
  • NA-133 (III)
  • NA-134 (IV)

Provincial Assembly5

  • PP-175 (I)
  • PP-176 (II)
  • PP-177 (III)
  • PP-178 (IV)
  • PP-179 (V)
  • PP-180 (VI)
  • PP-181 (VII)
  • PP-182 (VIII)
  • PP-183 (XI)
  • PP-184 (X)

Election 2024 Result:

Following is the list of winning candidates in general elections held on 08-02-2024:

NA-131Sheikh Saad WaseemPak Muslim League (N)
NA-132Mian Muhammad Shahbaz SharifPak Muslim League (N)
NA-133Azeem Ud Din Zahid LakhviIND
NA-134Rana Muhammad Hayat KhanPak Muslim League (N)
PP-175Rashid TufailIND
PP-176Chaudhry Ilyas KhanPak Muslim League (N)
PP-177Muhammad Naeem Safdar Ansari PML N
PP-178Malik Ahmad Saeed KhanPML N
PP-179Malik Muhammad Ahmed KhanPML N
PP-180Ahsan Raza khanIND
PP-181Humble Sanaa KareemiIND
PP-182Mehmood AnwarPML N
PP-183Rana Sikandar HayatPML N
PP-184Rana Muhammad Iqbal KhanPML N

Election 2018 Result:

Following candidates were elected as the MNA and MPA in general elections held in 2018:

Constituency NoMNA Party
NA-137Sheikh Saad WaseemPML(N)
NA-138Malik Rasheed Ahmad KhanPML(N)
NA-139Rana Muhammad Ishaq KhanPML(N)
NA-140Sardar Talib Hussain NakaiPTI
Constituency NoMPAParty
PP-174Muhammad Naeem Safdar AnsariPML(N)
PP-175Malik Ahmad Saeed KhanPML(N)
PP-176Malik Muhammad Ahmad KhanPML(N)
PP-177Muhammad Hashim DogarPTI
PP-178Sheikh Alla-ud-DinPML(N)
PP-179Malik Mukhtar AhmadPTI
PP-180Sardar Muhammad Asif NakaiPTI
PP-181Rana Muhammad Iqbal KhanPML(N)
PP-182Muhammad Ilyas KhanPML(N)

Population By Mother Tongue:

As per 2017 census, Punjabi is the most spoken language of this district. Following is the detail of languages spoken:

LanguageNo of People


Kasur has fertile soil and favorable climate. Crops such as wheat, rice, sugarcane, and cotton are the most cultivated crops. The region’s agrarian practices often employ traditional methods, with a significant reliance on canal water for irrigation. The agricultural sector serves as a lifeline for the local economy, providing livelihoods for a substantial portion of the population and also contributing to Pakistan’s overall agricultural output.

Its farm area comprises of 393,000 hectares and the area under cultivation6 is about 295,000 hectares. As per statistics for the year 2017-2018, wheat crop was the most cultivated crop covering 408060 Acres, rice was cultivated on 157000 Acres, sugarcane on 80900 Acres and cotton on 12685 Acres. Canal water is one of the main source of irrigation. Five canals7 flow through it.

Education System:

The education system of this district consists of a range of schools, from traditional institutions to those integrating modern teaching methodologies. The city prioritizes access to education for its residents, with a focus on both primary and secondary levels. Educational facilities aim to equip students with a well-rounded set of skills, combining academic knowledge with extracurricular activities.

There is a Government school in almost every village of and it shows the commitment of the state towards increasing the literacy rate and improving the education system. Following is the detail of Government and Private schools8 in Kasur district:

  • Govt. Primary Schools (Boys): 452
  • Govt. Primary Schools (Girls): 470
  • Govt. Elementary Schools (Boys): 109
  • Govt. Elementary Schools (Girls): 144
  • Govt. High Schools (Boys): 92
  • Govt. High Schools (Girls): 77
  • Govt. Higher SecondarySchools (Boys): 07
  • Govt. Higher SecondarySchools (Girls): 07

Government Colleges9: There are 06 Government Colleges for male, 10 Government Colleges for women and 03 colleges of commerce in it.

Universities: Virtual university of Pakistan has its campuses in Qasur, Pattoki and Chunnian. There is a campus of University of veterinary and animal sciences UVAS in Pattoki.

Health System:

There is a Government hospital in each of its four tehsils. Apart from main hospitals, there are a number of basic health units, rural health centers and dispensaries. Detail of health facilities10 is as under:

  • DHQ hospital/Bulleh shah hospital. (315 bed capacity)
  • THQ hospital Ksr. (40 beds)
  • THQ hospital Pattoki (60 beds)
  • THQ hospital Chunian (40 beds)
  • THQ hospital Kot Radha Kishan (60 beds)
  • Cardiac center chunian (30 beds)
  • Trauma center Phool Nagar (30 beds)
  • Total number of Rural health centers (RHC): 12
  • Total number of Basic health units (BHU): 82
  • Total number of Rural dispensaries: 20
  • Total number of Mother & Child Healthcare centers MCH: 08
  • Total number of GRDs: 03
  • Total number of TB hospitals: 01

Police Stations in Kasur District:

There are total 19 Police stations in it.

City Circle:

  1. A Division (049-9250161)
  2. B Division (049-9250132)
  3. Khudian (049-2791584)
  4. Ganda Singh Wala (049-2711420)
  5. Mandi Usman Wala (049-2793024)

Saddar Circle:

  1. Saddar Kasur (049-9250065)
  2. Mustafa Abad (049-2450653)
  3. Kot Radha Kishan (049-2012797)
  4. Raja Jang (049-9239127)
  5. Theh Sheikham (049-2717015)

Chunian Circle:

  1. Chunian (049-4311016)
  2. Kanganpur (049-4820241)
  3. Allah Abad (049-4751992)
  4. Changa Manga (049-4381415)

Pattoki Circle:

  1. Saddar (049-4420005)
  2. City (049-4420069)
  3. Sarai Mughal (049-4610302)
  4. Saddar Phool Nagar (049-4510792)
  5. City Phool Nagar (049-4510260)

Municipal Committees11

  • Municipal Corporation Kasur
  • MC Chunnian
  • MC Pattoki
  • MC Kot Radha Kishan
  • MC Phool Nagar
  • MC Ellahabad
  • MC Mustafabad

Town Committees

  • Raja Jang
  • Khudian
  • Kanganpur
  • Jambar
  • Habib Abad
  • Changa Manga
  • Usman Wala

Villages In Kasur District:

There are 641 villages12 in it. As per 2017 census, 75 percent of its population lives in villages and rural areas while only 25 percent people live in towns and cities. Check complete list of villages.

Deputy Commissioner (DC):

Muhammad Arshad Bhatti.
Office Phone: 049-9250143

District Police Office (DPO):

Tariq Aziz Sandhu.
Office Phone: 049-9250137-124-125


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