Towns Of Kasur District

A town is a populated area which is larger than a village but smaller than a city. About 75 percent population of this district resides in rural areas, while remaining 25 percent people live in its towns and cities. Apart from tehsils, Kasur District has 10 municipal and town committees:

  1. Mustafa Abad مصطفیٰ آباد
  2. Ellah Abad الہ آباد
  3. Kangan Pur کنگن پور
  4. Usman Wala عثمان والا
  5. Phool Nagar پھول نگر
  6. Khudian Khas کھڈیاں خاص
  7. Raja Jang راجہ جنگ
  8. Jambar جمبر
  9. Habib Abad حبیب آباد
  10. Changa Manga چھانگا مانگا